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Feedback - We want to hear from you

Several local organisations involved in the previous stages on this project were sent a long list of aspects and issues and were asked to comment on them. What follows below is the summary of their comments.


Please use the form below to tell us whether you agree or disagree with the comments or have something to add. If there is another issue or aspect of concern to you that is not on the list, use the form to tell us that as well.


The list is quite long, so here are three hints to help you make the best use of your time: 

  • Only comment on those issues that are important to you

  • Just use the issue numbers (A3, B2 etc.) when making your comments (avoids having to repeat the text below)

  • If appropriate just say, for example, ‘B4 – agree’ or ‘C4 – disagree'

Your Feedback

Read through the issues raised and let us know if you have any further comments on them.


A1: There was concern about the overall volume of development and number of houses in relation to the site and impact on services etc.
A2: Affordable Housing - This is seen to be needed. The amount and type needs to be determined. There is some preference for social rented properties. The quality of affordable housing must be better than in Phase 1.
A3: Boatyard - There was notable concern that the boatyard will be smaller than at present (or might job numbers increase?), including in relation to the limited amout of employment space generally in Totnes. There was concern about the proximity to residential uses.
A4: Retail, Cafe, Restaurant - There was little support for retail on site unless very specific (e.g a cycle repair unit) or for everyday products for residents. Cafes were supported, maybe not a restaurant. Facilities should relate to the overall use mix.
A5: Care Home - Generally not supported or seen as viable
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